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The Proven Benefits of Meditation

Researchers for years have researched the effects of meditation on the brain and the body.  Meditation is an age old practice that is only now being recognized for its efficacy in relaxation and reducing stress.  The more research that has been done, the more people have embraced relaxation techniques for managing stress like yoga and meditation.  This is one of the reasons for the new crop of meditation and yoga centers cropping up all over the country.

Here are some of the  proven benefits of meditation

People who practice meditation extol the benefits it has had on their lives, with many more who claim that yoga and meditation have made fundamental changes in their lives.  This is why there has been so much research done to prove the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Here are some of the researched and proven facts that meditation, yoga or both together can benefit your life and reduce your stress.

  1. Science Daily put out an article back in 2014 showing that certain types of meditation can help improve creativity. The study showed that divergent thinking and open monitoring meditation were far more effective for creative people than  Focused Attention meditation.
  2. While there have been countless studies into how meditation can help overcome stress, the University of Massachusetts Medical School has proven that meditation works for people dealing with stress.
  3. Harvard Medical School studied the correlation between lowered blood pressure and how meditation can help.
  4. People who practice meditation reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes.
  5. A research team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison concluded that meditation will increase your focus and attention.
  6. For those that struggle with weight loss, meditation can help you develop healthier habits and help curb bad habits like binge eating.
  7. Meditation is a recommended therapy for those patients who suffer from general anxiety disorder, depression, anger management and other mental health issues.
  8. Meditation can help those that are suffering from chronic pain, it can improve your perception of pain and improve your cognitive processes.
  9. The Journal of Sexual Medicine studied the relationship between meditation and sexual health, there was evidence of the positive effects of meditation on your sex life. Meditation can further help those that suffer from low libido.
  10. Last but perhaps the most important is that meditation increases the size of your brain, well according to Harvard Medical School anyway.

There is scientific evidence that can demonstrate how meditation can benefit your life, particularly if you suffer from anxiety, depression and anger management issues.